Dr. Antonia Sappong-Kumankumah, MD, CCFP, B.Sc. 

Co-Founder PlasticFree Toronto

General Practitioner, Inner City Health Associates - Seaton House men's shelter

Dr. Sappong currently works as a Family Doctor in Toronto, helping her patients to achieve healthier and happier lifestyles. She understands the connection between individual health and environmental health, and is a passionate advocate for access to healthy environments and social justice. As part of her roles as Co-Founder of PlasticFree Toronto, she works to educate and inspire her community to deal with issues of environmental pollution, climate change, poverty, and institutionalized racism. She has lectured about social justice and climate change for Climate Fast, a community organization devoted to environmental advocacy, as well as for family physicians and trainees at the annual Department of Family and Community Medicine conference, medical residents at the University of Toronto, and high school students at Loyola Catholic Secondary School. In conjunction with her sister, Lin, she is also responsible for running a social media platform on Instagram, and Facebook that seeks to educate the general public about low waste and sustainable lifestyles, climate change, and social justice. They regularly co-host community workshops, political activism seminars, movie-nights, and beach clean-ups. 


Dr. Sappong completed her undergraduate training in immunology and neuroscience at Dalhousie University. She then went on to complete her medical training at the University of British Columbia, and returned to Toronto to complete her residency training in Family Medicine.